The solution to remotely monitor the sales network

OVERVIEW is the system for the remote management of the sales networks. It allows to collect data, aggregate them according to the needs, send prices to the systems, manage fuel levels and monitor competitors’ prices.

OVERVIEW promptly reports by email or SMS every anomaly occurring anywhere on the network.

Its main functions are:

    • Consultation and aggregation of sales data
    • Analysis and statistics
    • Close of the accounts
    • Tank level check with historical archives and trend charts
    • Loads management
    • Alerts reception via SMS/E-mail/Web by each service station
    • Sending of prices per system and per sale mode
    • Sending of prices to the Ministry
    • Entering of prices for competitors’ systems
    • Manual exporting of data
    • Automatic exporting of data (through the specific service)
    • Creation of additional utilities
    • Help Desk
    • APP for the consultation of data

Available services:

  • Data collection service:
    • Data are collected once or several times a day, or when requested by the customer, through a suitable control:
      • Details of each transaction
      • Totalizers
      • Close of the day
      • Close of the shift at the station
    • The dedicated web area allows you to view, process and analyse data. Export functions are available in PDF, CSV and Excel.
  • Level data collection:
    • Physical inventory data are collected on each individual tank.
    • The customer accesses the dedicated web area that provides: views, processing and analysis of data. Export functions are available in PDF, CSV and Excel.
  • Sending of prices:
    • By accessing the area reserved to him/her, the customer can set prices to be sent to the stations; he/she may also decide the date and time of activation.
  • Alerts:
    • Alerts are immediately sent to the customer. The service includes:
      • Display of the alerts in the dedicated web area
      • Sending of alerts via email to the addresses selected by the customer
      • As an option, it is also possible to buy SMS packages to send alerts on mobile phones
  • Sending of prices to MISE:
    • ICAD Sistemi is certified for the automatic sending of sales prices to the Ministry. By purchasing the service, the customer may delegate the communication of those data to ICAD Sistemi.
  • Automatic exporting of data:
    • Through specific API, data can be made available to the customer’s administrative program.
  • Overview APP (iOS and Android)
    • Through the APP, it is possible to consult sales data of the individual plants.
    • By creating credentials, the manager may:
      • Enter the prices of nearby plants
      • Upload DAS data
      • Change the closing of the day, entering the sales through POS which are not connected to the station computer
  • Compatible facilities on the yard:
    • Gilbarco
    • Tokheim
    • Wayne
    • Soon available: Maser e Fortech

Technical data sheet in PDF format