The best refuelling management on your sales network.

SELFNET is a valuable marketing tool to build loyalty with our customers.

In a single integrated system, the best refuelling management in your sales network.

It is an open system, so customizable: from the circuit card to the integration with existing IT systems for managing invoices, refunds, registries, etc.

  • It enables the circular management of the cards with on-line authorisation
  • Compatible with all facilities located on yard
  • It doesn’t require any structure in place: the entire process is directly managed on the ICAD Sistemi servers
  • It is safe thanks to a secure infrastructure
  • Different solutions are available:
    • Rechargeable/prepaid card: after the credit is finished, the card can be recharged at any point of sale of the network or via web.
    • End-of-month card: it's like a regular credit card, but it can only be used in the points of sale of the network. At the end of the month, the system generates a statement for the customer and a statement for the manager’s refund.
    • Point collection card: it stores the points that allows awards collection. Criteria for assigning points and awards are determined autonomously on the basis of the fidelity campaign.
    • Discount card: it provides access to an instant discount on the refuelling.
    • Electronic fuel vouchers: it allows you to create electronic vouchers in complete autonomy. It is possible to decide the quantity, the amount and the due date. The voucher format can be selected according to customer specifications. Vouchers can be printed on paper, be submitted as email attachment to the customer who made the request or they can be sent to any smartphone equipped with the SELFNET APP.
  • Real-time transaction notifications through email.
  • Final customer portal for the consultation of his/her refuelling. Through appropriate services, it provides a number of additional features:
    • Import/export function towards the customer’s administrative program
    • Manual entering function for refuelling
    • Management of customer lists
    • Management of the final customer’s circularity: for each end-user it is possible to determine in which points of sale he/she can make the refuelling
    • Generation of utilities for the final customer: Username and password that give the final customer access to a portal area dedicated to him/her where he/she can consult his/her refuelling, recharges, points balance etc.
    • Email notification to the final customer for each refuelling made
    • Product buyback
    • Royalties management
    • Prints and analysis
    • Creation of campaigns for related points and awards
  • Final customer APP for the consultation of data (vouchers can be directly used from his/her smartphone)
  • Compatible facilities on the yard:
    • Gilbarco
    • Tokheim
    • Wayne
    • Fortech
    • Maser

Technical data sheet in PDF format